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Ribbed Smoked Sheet has advantages of cleanness, color and doesn’t contain defects such as air bubble that can be seen with naked eyes. It’s important to guarantee purity to produce RSS rubber. It’s necessary to supply clean water to dilute latex and to clean during the time of forming rubber sheets. It’s necessary to collect latex early to avoid quick formation of coagulum and it’s possible to use popular anti-freeze agents such as Na2SO3. Intake of using anti-freeze agent may be various depending on condition but not more than 0.05% in case of dry rubber. There are some freezing methods, it’s possible to freeze into separate blocks by using a freezing kettle or it’s possible to freeze into continuous sheets. After transporting latex to the factory, take a sample of material DRC to check; there are many methods of checking, the most popular method is now to check TSC quickly, then convert into DRC with a comparison table.

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