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Hong Sinh Rubber Joint Stock Company has been established based on the developing basis of Hong Sinh Farm.
Hong Sinh Farm was established in March 1996, specializing in planting rubber trees with the area of 100 hectares owned by the family of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong.
For the development process, Hong Sinh Farm exploited the latex of rubber to sell to purchase agents only in the first time.
In April 2007, Hong Sinh Farm supplied the latex of rubber directly to processing plants, simultaneously became a purchase agent to purchase the latex of rubber from Gardens in the area of 2.000 hectares in order to supply to the Plants pre-process the latex of rubber.
In May 2009, Hong Sinh Farm constructed the Plant of pre-processing Rubber latex, processing  RSS3 rubber latex materials to supply to domestic market.
With the objective of “Stable, integrative, prestigious, quality and long-term development”, integrating gradually into world economy, exporting directly rubber latex to international market, whereby Hong Sinh Rubber Joint Stock Company has been established in August 2010 under the Certificate of Business Registration No.: 0310245306 issued by Department of Investment and Planning of Ho Chi Minh City.
Hong Sinh Rubber Joint Stock Company specializes in supplying Customers with the products such as RSS1, RSS3 (key product)
Export Market: Peru, China, Taiwan, Germany, India, Korea, Pakistan...

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RSS1 Ribbed Smoked Sheet has advantages of cleanness, color and doesn’t contain defects such as air bubble that can be seen with naked eyes. It’s important to guarantee purity to produce RSS rubber. It’s necessary to supply clean water to dilute latex and to clean during the time of forming rubber sheets. It’s necessary to collect latex early to avoid quick formation of coagulum and it’s possible to use popular anti-freeze agents such as Na2SO3. Intake of using anti-freeze agent may be various depending on condition but not more than 0.05% in case of dry rubber. There are some freezing methods, it’s possible to freeze into separate blocks by using a freezing kettle or it’s possible to freeze into continuous sheets. After transporting latex to the factory, take a sample of material DRC to check; there are many methods of checking, the most popular method is now to check TSC quickly, then convert into DRC with a comparison table. Detail
RSS 3 Grade ribbed smoked sheet by its purity, color and does not have flaws such as air bubbles, which could be seen with normal eyes.
An important factor in manufacturing good quality RSS is to ensure the purity.
  Grading the ribbed smoked sheet has carried out by observation method
•          RSS grade 1: No bubble, no dirt, and no speck
•          RSS grade 2: and small bubble, no dirt, no speck
•          RSS grade 3, 4, 5: more bubbles, no dirt, no speck
With specific manufacturing conditions and methods, RSS has been applying extensively into techniques such as treads; RSS has made into sheets, so it is rarely chopped, hence, tensile strength is very high, it is less aged than crumb rubber, it is very suitable for products, which require high tensile, corrosion resistance, as well as high hardness. Detail



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Hong Sinh Rubber Joint Stock Company

FACTORY: Hoa Phu Hamlet, Minh Hoa Ward, Dau Tieng District, Binh Dương Province, Viet Nam.
OFFICE: 561 Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Tel: (848) 3997 0772 - 3997 0773 - 39977043    Fax: (848) 3997 7042
Email: hongsinh@hsrubber.vn    Wesite: www.hsrubber.vn

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